O ur current online marketing system is something many small business owners fail to understand. When someone opens a brick and mortar store, chances are that it’s in a mall and there are already people willing to spend money in that area. This is not the case online. As costs keep rising and margins decrease, it’s becoming very tough to turn a decent profit on most business ventures.

The internet provides an awesome way to make money, while not carrying the massive overhead of a physical store. Of course you’ll still need product (but not always!) and you will have costs associated with running an online business, but the landscape is completely different.

Pros of Running an Online Business

  • Lower overhead costs
  • No brick-and-mortar stores
  • Can be managed from home
  • More marketing intensive
  • Doesn’t work for all businesses
  • Requires more trust building

What does it take to run a successful online business?

Apart from patience, you’ll need a beautiful, fast website to start. Studies show about 50% of people judge a website’s trustworthiness based on the website’s design. If your website looks good, you’ll have better sales. You’ll also need to be…

  • active on relevant social media channels
  • following a professional online marketing plan
  • running advertisements on platforms such as Google Adsense and Facebook Ads
  • managing your SEO keywords
  • making sure you’re consistently growing your network of backlinks.
  • comparing yourself to your competitors


The point here was to show that running an online business is great if you can juggle all the marketing and management responsibilities that come with it. For those that would like to leave the work to the professionals, we offer web design services, SEO services and web management services to our small business customers. Some keep their businesses strictly online, others like to have both online and brick and mortar locations for their businesses. If you would like a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us!